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We are working on the Huisa art ONLINE STORE High quality Reproductions of beautiful paintings from Panama will soon be ready to hang on the wall, or on a mug, t-shirt, pillow, beach towel, spiral notebook and more, they will soon be available in a new online store. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see the development and news.
Penny Ripple
We had a large custom painting created by Richar for our new home. He executed my specific request perfectly. His artwork is amazing on canvas, tee shirts, bags etc. We are now close family friends. I recommend him for any art project you may have.
Sylvia Bradley
My husband and I commissioned Richar to do some custom paintings for our villa. He did a fabulous job and the paintings of birds are spectacular. We decided we needed another painting and he produced that one to our specifications. Richar is a talented artist and a wonderful person who seeks to please his customers. He has a wide range of skills and can produce wildlife, people, and places with exact precision. Highly recommended.
Penny Friend
Kraig Bancroft.
The first shirt we got from Richar was black with an incredibly beautiful quetzal bird. My husband fell in love with it at first sight! It gave him such joy to wear it (which he did often)! When I saw the gorgeous motmot bird on a white shirt, I had to have it for myself. Being able to wear an original work of art is amazing! And I have washed these shirts; inside-out, delicate cycle, no problem. My husband had a heart attack and passed away in March, so now I wear his shirt to feel close to him…and I have a second work of art to wear!
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